Bob Dudley

Fire Chief


Fire DepartmentThe Greenfield Fire Department is made up of 18 very dedicated individuals.  They are willing and stand ready to help in any emergency situation whether it is fire/rescue emergency or storm damage emergency.  They also help with the annual Fire Prevention Festival, Baskin Robbins night, give fire truck ride to kids during special events in town, and any other occasion that may arise.  In the last 23 years the department has lowered the city’s ISO rating from a 7 to a 4.  This lower rating reduces the city resident’s annual homeowners insurance cost and also aids in industrial recruitment.

The department has held the annual Fire Prevention Festival for the last 27 years.  The purpose of the festival is to raise resident’s awareness of preventing fires in the home.  The Greenfield Fire Department members visit the Greenfield School during fire prevention week to educate students about the prevention of fires.  The students are also involved in the TN annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest.  Because of the hard work of the Greenfield Fire Department, Greenfield has had 21 state poster winners in the past 31 years of the poster contest.